pursuing investment excellence on behalf of endowed non-profits

About Us

TIFF is a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization dedicated to delivering investment solutions to foundations, endowments, and other charitable institutions.


Since its inception in 1991, TIFF has exclusively served the non-profit community by providing experienced manager selection and access, risk-sensitive asset allocation, and integrated member service to institutions with long-term investment horizons.
How is TIFF different?


TIFF is a not-for-profit
exclusively serving the
non-profit community

  • Our long-term goals are aligned with those of our members.
  • We are not distracted by common commerial profitability goals.
  • We serve about 580 non-profit members across the country.

TIFF's key investment edge:
long-term partnerships 
with managers we
believe are best-in-class

  • We believe our unique mission and distinguished client roster attract superior managers.
  • Reputation earned over 25 years of evaluating and monitoring managers.
  • Team structure modeled on major endowment and foundation offices.

TIFF's board members:
industry experts
fully engaged
with TIFF

  • Independent board of experienced investors.
  • Majority of board members manage major endowments and volunteer their time to TIFF.
  • Committed to TIFF's mission of service.
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