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TIFF's Credo

TIFF's credo was created soon after TIFF's founding in 1991 and has stood the test of time. It remains unchanged.

  • TIFF requires complete honesty of its staff, board, and vendors
  • No member of TIFF's staff or board shall encourage an organization to purchase a product or service that it does not need
  • TIFF shall be accountable for the actions of its board and staff in the performance of their authorized duties
  • Each member of TIFF's staff shall be accountable for his or her actions
  • TIFF values candor and encourages staff, board, and vendors to disclose complaints, biases, and real or potential conflicts of interest at the earliest possible time
  • Employment, promotion, and compensation decisions shall be based on merit alone
  • The value of members of TIFF's staff shall be measured by the enthusiasm and care with which they perform their assigned duties, not by the character of such duties
  • No member of TIFF's staff is too exalted to perform, when necessary, the duties of the least-senior or lowest-paid employee
  • TIFF seeks to maintain a congenial work environment where patience and humor are the norms
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