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The 2012 TIFF Investment Forum Guest Speakers

On OctOn October 3, 2012, the 2012 TIFF Investment Forum was held in Philadelphia at The Union League. TIFF's investment team, leading institutional investors, TIFF managers, and other member non-profits gathered for a day of discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing investors. The guest speakers from our 2012 Forum and the respective topics about which they spoke, are listed below. To listen to the guest speaker's comments please click on the images below.

Daniel C. Dektar Charley Ellis Paul Espie  
Daniel C.Dektar
Principal and CIO
Smith Breeden Associates
What Is' the Road Ahead in Fixed Income?
Charley Ellis
Founder of Greenwich Associates
Former Chair of Yale University's
Investment Committee
What Should a CIO Do in 2013?
Paul Espie
Investment Director
Pacific Road Capital Management
What Happened to My Supercycle?
Jane Mendillo Scott Malpass Ed Rendell  
Jane Mendillo
President & CEO
Harvard Management Company
What Is Harvard's Edge?
Scott Malpass
Vice President and CIO
University of Notre Dame
Where Might Returns Emerge?
Ed Rendell
Former Governor of Pennsylvania
Will the Wusses Ever Step Up?

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