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The 2015 TIFF Investment Forum Guest Speakers

The 2015 installment of TIFF's annual Investment Forum took place on October 21 in Philadelphia. TIFF members and eligible non-profits joined senior TIFF staff and other leading industry experts as we discussed emerging investment issues facing the trustees and staff of endowed charities.

AGoolsbee   JHosking   ELundberg  
Austan Goolsbee
Robert P. Gwinn Professor of
University of Chicago’s Booth
School of Business
Jeremy Hosking
Senior Partner, Multi-Counsellor,
Hosking Partners

Erik Lundberg
University of Michigan

ELee LSimmons SRobertson
Jeremy Siegel
Russell E. Palmer Professor of
The Wharton School of the
University of Pennsylvania
L.E. Simmons
Founder and Chairman,
SCF Partners
Paul Westhead
Managing Director & CEO,
Rimrock Capital Management, LLC

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