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TIFF Webinar: Reopening Considerations for Nonprofits

TIFF’s members and the nonprofit community have experienced a myriad of issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as various states begin to ease restrictions on indoor group activities, nonprofits across the country are grappling with how and when to return to their respective locations. The issues are numerous and complex – legal, practical, and safety considerations often point in different directions.

TIFF hosted a webinar on June 16, 2020 with leading labor and employment and nonprofit law experts from Cozen O’Connor to help nonprofits make sense of these vexing issues and learn about evolving best practices.

You can watch the 60-minute webinar via the link below – please note you will have to enter your name and email for access.  We have also included PowerPoint slides from Cozen O’Connor through the link below.

Webinar: Reopening Considerations for Nonprofits

Cozen OConnor Reopening Slides

Webinar Participants
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Dave Barron, Cozen O’Connor
Kane Brenan, TIFF
Beth Brennan, Cozen O’Connor
Rob Zion, TIFF

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