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Collaboration with Vanguard Charitable

Since 2007, TIFF and Vanguard Charitable have worked together to permit qualified Vanguard Charitable donor-advised accounts access to the TIFF Multi-Asset Pool. Of the fourteen investment pools currently offered by Vanguard Charitable, the TIFF Multi-Asset Pool is the first and only one that has underlying assets managed by a firm other than Vanguard.

Created in 1997, Vanguard Charitable is an independent public charity established under the Internal Revenue Code. Its donor-advised fund allows donors to provide long-term support to their favorite charities while taking an immediate tax deduction. Donors enjoy advisory privileges that allow them to recommend how their account's assets are invested and which charities may receive grants from the accounts.

As of January 2017, Vanguard Charitable had received over $10.5 billion in contributions and issued more than $6.0 billion in grants. It had nearly 14,000 active accounts, with total assets exceeding $6.6 billion. To learn more, visit Vanguard Charitable via the link below. By clicking it, you will exit the TIFF website and enter the Vanguard Charitable website.


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